Health care agency plans for hurricane

As all eyes are on Tropical Storm Alex at this hour.

While everyone should have a plan in place, some of the most vulnerable people in need are the elderly.

Nurses and staff members at with Reliable Home Health are on standby.

Waiting and preparing for whatever tropical storm Alex may bring.

Reliable Home Health Administrator Adriana Hernandez tells Action 4 News, "We have actually put that emergency plan in action."

Action 4 news cameras got a rare look into an afternoon briefing. Administrator Adriana Hernandez says while the agency has a plan in place it's meetings like these that provide the important details.

Hernandez says, "As an agency we can put that plan together for each individual patient."

Part of putting that plan together involves those like LVN Adrian Garza.

Garza spent the day in the field making sure clients will be taken care of.

Garza tells Action 4 News, "Some of them are going to be staying in shelters, and some of them will be staying at family members homes, most of the daughters most of the sons are helping assisting them and preparing them."

Garza says it's also important to keep mind medical resources such as ambulances.

Garza says, "Some EMS personnel will not going into a danger zone per say flooding they will not risk personnel going into a patients home that's why we are trying to prepare them before that happens were trying to get them out of the home."

At the end of the day it's all about readiness, this home health agency says they are making plans early learning from Hurricane Dolly.

Administrator Hernandez says, "I think that was pretty much seeing the last storm, so now were taking action way in advance making sure the patients are going to be out of the area."