Health officials prepare to combat mosquito population

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McAllen health officials are worried about diseases that mosquitoes carry. They're fighting to keep their populations low.

If you hate mosquitoes, you may want to mow your lawn. The McAllen Health Department says mosquitoes like to hide in tall grass.

Right now, they're preparing to spray for the pesky bugs next week and they are asking residents to cut their yards, or report weedy lots.

A single mosquito can lay thousands of eggs, and even though city crews sprayed last week, they are expecting an army of bugs to hatch any day. A reason they want residents to cut tall grass before they spray again next week.

"We drive about 10 miles per hour and theirs a big cloud thats coming out, so once the mosquito comes in contact with the mist it dies." Mosquitoes can carry diseases like west nile and dengue which can be deadly. There have been hundreds of cases of dengui across the border but none yet here in the valley. If you have a neighbor who is elderly or disabled, the city is asking you to be a good neighbor and offer to mow their lawn. You can report weedy lots to the cities health department. But they say it could be several weeks before crews can come out and cut it. To report those weedy lots, contact the McAllen Health Department at 681-1900.