Health Officials to Residents - Get Your Flu Vaccine

The start of a new flu season has health officials warning people in the Valley to take action against H1N1.

Last year, residents had to get separate shots if they wanted to get vaccinated for both the seasonal flu and H1N1, but this year, it's combined into one vaccine.

People as young as one year old can get vaccinated at their doctor's office, a county health clinic or even pharmacies.

The vaccination ranges from five dollars for children to 12 to 15 dollars for adults.

County health clinics also received a very unique vaccine only for senior citizens.

The vaccine is a higher dose for those 65 years or older that may have become immune to the regular flu vaccine.

There are only 400 doses available.

The cost for the vaccine is 30 dollars, but before senior citizens get the vaccine, health officials will need to determine if their medical condition allows for the higher dose vaccine.

Those interested in getting either the two-in-one vaccine or the higher dose for senior citizens can call the Hidalgo County Health Department at 956-383-6221.