HEB employee returns mom's lost wallet in shopping cart

Diana says she almost lost everything when she left her wallet at HEB

Diana Benavidez still remembers the sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach when she realized she left her wallet behind.

It was terrible, she said.

A trip to the grocery store for her turned into tragedy.

Diana TMs red wallet and all of the important stuff inside were left just sitting on a shopping cart in the parking lot of the Southmost HEB in Brownsville.

My baby's pictures, ID's and everything," she explained.

Diana and her husband Jose Torres ran back to the store last Monday when they realized it was lost.

They're back at the store once again to surprise the honest employee named Ivan Garza who thankfully turned it in.

"I apologize for bringing Ryan over here but I just wanted to thank you in front of everyone for doing the right thing because a lot of people wouldn't do it," Jose told Ivan.

"Thank you for turning it in," Diana added. We want to Pay it 4Ward.

Ivan Garza has no idea they nominated him for Pay it 4Ward prize.

Ricardo Filizola with GEF Financial Agency is standing by with his reward.

"What you did was exemplary, he told Ivan. We know HEB has a policy where you can't receive any gifts or gratuities from customers, so Action 4 News and GEF Financial would like to take your actions and turn your kindness into cash. Here's $400.

Ricardo counts out each one hundred dollar bill he places into Ivan TMs hand.

Congratulations! he said. You're an inspiration."

Ivan smiles from ear-to-ear as fellow employees standing by watching the surprise erupt into cheers.

"I didn't imagine this, Ivan said. I was just working and doing the policy. That's why they hired me. I'm not going to get a wallet from a stranger."

Ivan has worked at HEB for four months.

The 21-year-old has seen his fair share of lost property in carts, everything from cell phones to wallets to canes.

He credits his upbringing for knowing just what to do with it all.

"Since I was little my dad taught me to do the right thing, he explained. Since I was little until right now, I'm doing the right thing."

He plans to use his Pay it 4Ward prize to honor his dad.

Ivan works full time to help support his parents.

"With food and bills, he said. I help them out and a little more money wouldn't hurt.

He hopes to become a law enforcement officer someday.

Diana and Jose feel he certainly has the integrity for the job!

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