Helena Chemical Plant victims still waiting for settlement checks

People affected by a toxic chemical plant are speaking out tonight.

They're angry their settlement hasn't been fully paid yet.

Irene Alaniz said she's fed up with seeing victims of the toxic chemical plant dying before seeing their settlement money from the lawsuit.

Her parents were among those that died of cancer.

Alaniz said that cancer was caused by the toxins at the plant.

"We were two blocks from the company, and I recall that he would come home for lunch and would look pitch black," said Alaniz.

Her sister Sylvia Martinez said the chemicals would fly all over the city.

They're not alone.

About 1,700 people were involved in a lawsuit against the companies that provided the chemicals to the plant, and they've seen little of their money.

After Irene expressed her frustration last year to one of her attorneys.

She was given a letter stating that there were clients that have had Medicare and Medicaid benefits for health problems caused by the pesticides.

Until those details are verified and each client checked to see if they were one of them, the settlements cannot be paid to the victims.

Action 4 News called that same attorney but was told she was out of the office. We left a message, and we have not heard back yet.