Help Wanted: Fat people need not apply

A business changes its job posting on Craigslist after claims of discrimination with hiring practices caused anger.

The international company excluded applicants with certain strikes against them in regards to their physical appearance.

Mavy Palacio, a skin and wellness business based out of Mexico, wants to hire sales representatives for their new office in the Rio Grande Valley.

The listing calls for applicants to be bilingual, own a car and have a desire to succeed.

However people with pimples or weight problems, need not apply.

"Disgusting," Elisa Ayala said after she stumbled over the Craigslist posting.

She believes it amounted to a clear form of discrimination.

"Whether you're 300 pounds or 100 pounds, the way you perform at a job has nothing to do with appearance, said Ayala. If you're hard working, you're hard working."

The company in question opened shop in Edinburg.

Alan Palacio runs the business.

He calls the language in the ad a cultural mistake that TMs lost in translation.

"I want to apologize... I didn't personally place that ad, said Alan Palacio. My secretary did... We are going to correct it because we had no intention to discriminate."

Elisa knows a thing or two about challenges based on looks.

"Obviously I do have blemishes and I'm not considered skinny." said Ayala.

She thinks Palacio needs to understand that good sales help comes in all shapes and sizes.

"A lot of people told me I couldn't sell insurance... Because people are looking for pretty faces, said Ayala. But if you ask my boss, he'll tell you, I can sell pretty well." Palacio said just like the way his products work from the inside, it's also what's on the inside of a person that counts.

The owner promised to change his company's Craigslist posting and he made good on that promise.

There's no mention of weight or skin quality with regards to the type of person they're looking to hire.

Action 4 News spoke to Elisa about the changes and she said she's glad to hear the owner took responsibility for the company's actions.

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