Hidalgo Co. home burglarized 3 times, family feels terrorized

Burglar bars will soon go up a home targeted several times by thieves over the last year. "With this being the third time your home has been targeted, do you feel safe in your own home?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked. "No," Erica Pena responded. "I don't feel safe." But this time the Pena family knows who's responsible for the break-in. A 7-camera outdoor security system, installed after another burglary late last year, catches the suspect on video walking to their front door at 10:24 in the morning on Monday. Erica and her husband are at work. Her 3 children, all under age 8, are at daycare. The suspect rings the door bell. He's also seen peeking through a window. About 30 seconds later, he appears to signal to another vehicle, with an unknown number of people inside, just before barreling down the door with a series of 4 shoulder shots. "It's terrifying to know that we could be home one day." The sheer force of the break-in tears off door framing and leaves a hole in the wall. Erica points out areas where the thieves looted her home after disabling the camera system. "Here I had my 42" LG flat screen TV stolen," she said. "They came into my bedroom... they ransacked my drawers... everything was thrown on the floor. They came into my restroom where my jewelry box is now gone." About $5,000 to $10,000 worth of stuff is stolen. "It's devastating to come home and see your home like this," Erica said. It TMs a home that TMs seemingly under siege. Erica doesn't think the cameras or alarm that activated did enough to deter the criminals from targeting her home for a fourth time. Deputies have dusted for fingerprints. Erica hopes the surveillance video on Action 4 News will help authorities ID the suspects and put a stop to the terror. "It fills me with anger," she said. "I want them to pay for what they are doing and they should get a life." The Pena family does have homeowner's insurance. They're fearful the company could drop them. Erica hopes deputies will step up patrol in the area. She hasn TMt ruled out purchasing weapons for added security.Click here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook page Click here to follow Ryan Wolf on Twitter