Hidalgo County baby removed from life support

Jose Reyna / File Photo

It was a tough decision for the family of Baby Destiny Barrientos, but it was a decision they knew they had to make.

Destiny was only 10 months old when her life came to an abrupt halt.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Office deputies said Jose Reyna, the boyfriend to Destiny's mother Veronica Solis, beat her within inches of her life.

Deputies said the beating was so severe that he ruptured her spleen, split her intestines, ruptures her pancreas, and caused severe blunt force trauma to her the baby's head.

Both Solis and Reyna were charged with injury to a child.

Destiny has since spent her days lying in a coma with minimal brain activity.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevio said both Reyna and Solis have plead guilty to injury to a child.

Reyna received five years in state prison while Destiny's mother 10 years probation.

As of one this afternoon, Baby Destiny was still breathing on her own.

If Baby Destiny dies, deputies said authorities cannot seek murder charges against her mother or Reyna because they have already been convicted in the case.