Hidalgo County DA says legalizing casinos is a bad idea

McAllen ISD spokesman Mark May

In Tuesday TMs election, 75 percent of democrats said they were in favor of legalizing casino gambling with all funds going toward education.

Hidalgo County District attorney Rene Guerra says while he may be a Democrat, the party's idea to legalize casino gambling is right out dumb.

"I'm a Democrat but that TMs another dumb thing the Democrats what to do, Guerra said. All the churches will rise against legalizing gambling in the state of Texas."

The whole idea behind Prop 3 was to find more sources of revenue for public education, something McAllen ISD spokesman Mark May says his district does a lot more of these days.

"We are trying to be aggressive everywhere we can in looking at nontraditional alternative revenue streams, may said.

Just for the McAllen ISD, state funding will be cut by $10 to 12 million next school year.

Federal funding could be cut by 8-14 percent.

"This has been a trend for several years that we have been facing," May said.

But Guerra says if casinos open, educators won't see the money.

"In the end it's not going to go to education. It's going to go into the general fund, Guerra said. To regulate this industry will cost us more money than it TMs worth. And I don TMt think you can compete with cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City."

As to why so many Democrats voted in favor of it, Guerra says they just don't understand.

"There TMs a lot of dumb people in Texas. They don TMt know the consequences, Guerra said. It's like the same dumb people that want to legalize marijuana and other narcotics."The proposition is a non-binding initiative meaning it was more of a poll for the Democrat party than a change in law.