Hidalgo County deputies working to keep rural communities safe

For ten years Gloria Suarez listened to the sound of gunshots in the middle of the night.

"It would make people very afraid," Suarez said. "Some would even pack up and move to other communities."

But for the last few months those sounds have quieted and Suarez said she only hears the passing of vehicles.

"Its been better here," Suarez said. "We're not hearing to much shooting and we're feeling better with more security. I'm thankful for all of the help."

That help came from Hidalgo County Sheriff Deputies.

Suarez said before Sheriff Lupe Trevino kicked off Operation Awareness, Prevention, and Enforcement the trust in law enforcement just was not there.

"They were afraid to call," Suarez said.

No longer afraid, those who live in Colonias throughout Hidalgo County now have somewhere to turn---as they reach out to the same deputies they once kept at arms length.

"If we don't' communicate with them or our neighbors then there wouldn't be any change," Suarez said. "Communication is all we need."