Hidalgo County deputy gets runaway teens to return home

Oscar Garcia spends his days sitting at a desk, computer on and piles of files surrounding him. When a report comes in, I TMll go through it thoroughly, said Garcia. Garcia works at the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office as a juvenile investigator.He said every month, he and the other investigators go through hundreds of cases. He said while all of the cases are a priority, there are some that take the lead.

"There are some cases, for example, that you have a 13 year-old going to Mexico with someone much older, said Garcia. Those are the type of cases that become important. That's different because of the age of the runaway and the person he or she is with."

One of those cases is 13-year-old Abigail Rodriguez.

"That Sunday was a normal day, Kristina Rodriguez. She woke up early and did her chores---we were watching television together as a family."

Kristina is Abigail TMs mom.

She said her daughter went into the home they are remolding to grab some items.

That was fifteen days ago and Kristina has no idea where Abigail has gone.

I just want her to come home or let me know that she TMs safe, said Kristina. Where ever she is|I just want to know she is safe.

Garcia said Abigail is part of that one percent of teens that take longer than three to four days to locate.

But, he said, no matter how long it takes they will not give up on finding that child.