Hidalgo County employees arrested for theft scheme

Samuel Leos

A judge charged two Hidalgo County employees and one of their girlfriend's for stealing public equipment and selling it to local pawn shops.

According to the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department, two lawn mowers and a weed eater were reported stolen from a shed at the Hidalgo County Courthouse.

Those items were reportedly found at local pawn shops and traced back to two Hidalgo County Building and Grounds employees.

Leroy Garza and Samuel Leos were said to be workers there since July 2011.

Garza's girlfriend, Patricia Ramirez, was also identified as a suspect.

The sheriff's department said all three confessed to stealing county equipment.

Pawn shop records reportedly revealed the three were selling county equipment since September 2011.

A judge gave each suspect a bond of $25,000.