Hidalgo County family searches for answers into brother TMs death

The seven brothers and sisters Albert Espinoza has left behind want more answers as to how their brother was killed Saturday night.

Espinoza was walking to the store from his sister's house on Eubank Rd north of Montecristo Rd. when the driver of a sedan heading the same direction struck him.

Espinoza died at the hospital later that night from head trauma.

With no charges yet filed against the driver, the Espinoza family is outraged.

"I think the person who was driving was negligent," Espinoza TMs sister Lali Martinez said.

While the accident happened at 9:05 in the evening, Martinez says it was still light enough for a driver to see him.

"My husband and I were there the next day at the time of the accident and there is no way that the person who hit my brother couldn't see him, Martinez said.

DPS is still conducting the investigation and finding new information.

"They tell us there are no skid marks, now there are skid marks, so that's where we are at. We have got the run around but we want answers, what happened that night? What happened to my brother? Martinez said. "I'm not satisfied and there is no way we can precede because we need closure so if there is anyone that passed my brother please call."

If you were in the area at the time of the accident and have any additional information Call DPS at 565-7500.

The funeral service will be tomorrow at 10 am at Rivera Funeral Home in McAllen.