Hidalgo County family spends chilly night without power

Linda Perez stood outside in the sunlight on Friday morning but it was the only light she has seen since 6 p.m. Thursday.

Perez, her sister Nellie and friend Yolanda told Action 4 News they were not prepared to handle the freezing temperatures without electricity.

"It's been very hard for me, said Yolanda Berain. I have to stay in one room so I can keep warm."

Perez has been relying on heat from a gas stove to keep her family warm.

Unfortunately there was one member of the family who could not get near the heat.

Perez TMs 80-year-old mother, who suffers with diabetes, cannot leave her bed.

Perez keeps her bundled up"but even the piles of blankets cannot keep the chill out.

"Its worst when you can't move and you can't do anything about it, said Perez. You feel the cold and freeze and there's no help."

Perez not only has her mother to worry about"now she also has to worry about her husband.

On Thursday, while walking out of the house, he slipped on some ice and broke his leg.

"That's what hurts, said Perez. I mean my husband fell and that's the only help we had."

For a brief moment, while our Action 4 News camera was rolling, Perez and her sister Nellie had a glimmer of hope.

Reporter: "Is it back on?"

Nellie: "We have electricity."

But that happiness was short lived.

"The electricity is off again, said Nellie.

AEP officials told Action 4 News the rolling blackouts are the cause of these power outages and sadly, there are thousands in the Rio Grande Valley suffering the same dark fate.

There is no timeline as to when the power will come back on.