Hidalgo County girl could lose her eye

A 4-year-old girl accidentally shot in the eye last Thursday at her Hidalgo County home is still undergoing medical treatment in San Antonio Monday.

The parents and doctors of four-year-old Roxanna Garcia are still not sure what to do, after their daughter was shot with a bb gun, allegedly by accident.

Roxanna's cousin, Carol Flores tells Action 4 News the bb is behind the cone of her eye and doctors are leery of removing it.

Flores said Roxanna's mother told her if they remove the bb, Roxanna will lose her eye; but if it stays in, it may create more complications further down the road.

No doubt a tough decision for the family, and an incredibly painful ordeal for such young child to go through.

"Just her voice, it sounds like she has been crying, Flores said of the girl TMs mother. It's just sad, it's only a four year old girl. For that happen, I think every mother would feel like that."

If the bb is left in, Roxanna will need to take medications and continue to see specialists in San Antonio, all because of serious mistake, with her own cousin pulling the trigger.

Ronald McDonald House Charities is helping with housing and transportation while Roxanna gets medical care in at the San Antonio University Hospital.