Hidalgo County girl deals with rare disorder, tumor on her face

Larissa Harris, unlike many 7-year-olds, does not get to enjoy the freedom of running and playing outside.

Instead, she is confined to a wheelchair so a broken femur can heal for the third time.

"At the age of three we found out she was diagnosed with Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia, Marla Harris, Larissa TMs mother, said. We've been going through a lot as family for the past four years."

The disorder causes Larissa to have very brittle bones. Any slip or fall could land her in the Emergency Room.

"She tries so hard to run and play and that's the reason why she fell again, Harris said. Just with a minor fall she broke her femur."

In the last year Harris watched as the disorder took over another part of her daughter TMs body.

"For a year and a half she's been growing this large tumor, Harris said. She's had two surgeries where they shaved off the tumor---but it continues to grow."

Harris said the tumor got so big that they have no choice but to have it surgically removed. She said there is no guarantee that the surgery will work.

Not only has this condition taken an emotional toll on the family, Harris said it has taken a financial toll.

She said the she is behind on her mortgage payments and vehicle note---all because she cannot work full-time and meet all of Larissa TMs needs.

"It's been really hard," Harris said.

Despite the hardship"Harris has faith that her daughter will, one day, be able to lead a normal life.

Harris has set up a savings account in Larissa TMs name at IBC bank to help with hospital expenses.

They will also be hosting a fundraiser for Larissa on July 30th.

For more information on the fundraiser you can call (956) 266-4571.

Larissa's surgery is scheduled for July 14th. We will keep you posted on the outcome.