Hidalgo County man arrested for stabbing wife

Epigmenio Hernandez, a Mexican citizen, faced a judge today after allegedly stabbing his wife 16 times.

Investigators told Action 4 News he attempted to flee to Mexico but Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevio said Hernandez was arrested before he ever made it across.

"He tried to hide his face and was doing suspicious movements, Trevio said. That was enough for them to bring him out of the taxi cab."

Hernandez was given a $1 million dollar bond and ordered to stay away from his wife and her family.

Sheriff Trevio said many people accused of a crime make the same run for Mexico that Hernandez did.

But, unlike Hernandez, the majority of them get away.

"We have a very easy way to facilitate an escape into Mexico and escape justice," the sheriff said. "This has been happening for 150 years."

Despite the number of fugitives that escape"there are those, like Hernandez, that eventually get caught.

Investigators said the victim, Sonia Molina, is still in ICU"but her condition is improving.