Hidalgo County officials proactive before West Nile reached the Valley

The alarming news that west Nile is here is not to take lightly. County health officials say mosquito count is at an all time low, because of the drought, and do not consider this to be an emergency situation.

"There has been a confirmed case it TMs an elderly individual," said Eddie Olivares, Hidalgo County Health Director.

Preventive measures for West Nile began when the outbreak started in Dallas. The virus started with a bird and with birds migrating this way city officials where planning ahead.

"What we are doing is working diligently with the regional task force. We have been working with them for five weeks on an intervention and prevention," added Eddie Olivares

The task force includes the four valley counties, cities, schools and community groups. But, with such vague symptoms how do we really know it's the west Nile? Dr. Ryan Smith said there's a procedure that doctors have to take when you see a doctor. He said other tests are issued before considering the west Nile.

"Flea-born typhus is the first test that has to be done in addition to ruling out the normal causes of fever, but when you don TMt find anything else and you TMre looking at viral diseases you need to test for dengue and west Nile," said Dr. Ryan

Officials said there are four different types of mosquitoes but only one is the carrier. Officials told us that a concern with the community is that they are not spraying enough. According to Eddie Olivares, if they spray every day mosquitoes would then become immune.