Hidalgo County phone line hacked, long-distance calls run up ~big bill TM

The Hidalgo County Auditor is conducting an audit on long distance phone calls on all county phone lines.

Hidalgo County Auditor Ray Eufracio told Action 4 News he is making sure that calls made for things other than business purposes, are not being paid for with tax dollars.

Hidalgo County District Attorney Rene Guerra told Action 4 News, the District Attorney TMs office and the County Health Department phones were hacked about a year ago.

Guerra said it all started after the county installed new phones.

Trying to save money, the county opted to install and secure the new phones instead of paying the counties provider, AT&T to install the new phones.

One of the phone lines was hacked at the trunk of the line.

Long distance calls were made to places like the Middle East and the Philippines.

Guerra said the calls have run up a big bill but would not specify the amount.

Guerra said the problem has been resolved by the IT Department, but could not say how long ago the phone line was secured.

Action 4 News will provide updates as the audit continues.