Hidalgo County poorest place in Texas

According to the estimates of the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey, Hidalgo County is the poorest place in Texas.

Hidalgo County's median household income last year was $30,460 with the average household size of 3.4.

Angeles Flores makes about $160 a week, and she pays $500 for rent.

It's something that she struggles with everyday.

"There is work for us, but it's few and far between and pays very little," she said.

She raises her 3 children alone but said she's doing her best to raise them right given the circumstances.

ARISE workers said they hope Flores and others like her take advantage of the programs they have to offer in order to fight the statistics.

ARISE stands for A Resource In Serving Equality.

They work closely with low income immigrant families to help them contribute to society.

"If we prepare the community to be more successful in education, I think that's the key," said Ramona Casas, ARISE community organizer.

ARISE has programs for kids to better prepare them for school, but Casas said education isn't the only problem.

She said the workforce is also changing.

"The people that were working for many years in the fields now don't have the skills to apply for another kind of job," said Casas.

To help those adults develop new skills, ARISE has workshops at their facilities that help adults make a business off their trade.

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