Hidalgo County Sets Voting Record

More than 11,000 ballots were cast on the first day of early voting, that's more than 3,000 more ballots than on the first day of early voting in the 2008 presidential election.Historically about twice as many votes are cast during the two week early voting period than on presidential election day.There are a about 306,000 registered voters in the county.The Hidalgo County annex building is the busiest early voting polling location in the county.Today many supporters and candidates for the Edinburg School board were campaigning."I was the first one to vote this morning at 7:02," said school board candidate Dr. Alfredo Salinas.There are eight candidates running for the Edinburg school board but only three seats are open.Some candidates say they want change."We want to bring some transparency. There's been some suspicious hiring's lately," school board candidate Xavier Salinas said."A wonderful after school program will create jobs, supplement salaries and be a safe place for children," school board candidate Irma Salazar said."We have to do everything we can to be sure we have the best teaching and learning environment for our students, school board candidate Jaime Solis said.Incumbent Robert Pena Junior says the district is already headed in the right direction."I think now more than ever we need a school board that will continue being the same because we're already dealing with the state budget cuts and will be able to continue to work with what we have," Pena said.A challenged incumbent, Carmen Gonzalez praises those willing to serve."I think they have the heart to improve the district. I think the community is fortunate to have so many interested educated people who want to serve us," Gonzalez said.At 32 years old, Alex Rios is the youngest one in the race and hopes to get out the younger generation to vote."I'm representing the new generation of politics, the younger people bring out the constituents to come exercise their right to vote," Rios said.