Hidalgo County sheriff faces challengers, seeks third term in office

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino is seeking a third term in office.

"I believe that I'm the only candidate in this race that is trustworthy and I've demonstrated integrity numerous times," Sheriff Trevino said.

One of his biggest priorities, since he became sheriff in 2005, was to fight corruption and make his department transparent.

Trevino said he wanted to give the people of Hidalgo County someone to trust.

Trevio is facing challenger Geovanni Hernandez in the Democratic Primary.

The winner will face Republican candidate Robert Caples in the general election in November.

"We have to make absolutely sure that the people of Hidalgo County have the faith in-- not only us as crime fighters, but the entire county government.

Trevino said he has worked hard in the last eight years to bring change to the county. Since 2009, he told Action 4 News that crime has dropped by 64 percent.

"We have kept Hidalgo County very safe, Trevino said. Horrible things are occurring in Mexico, but the key is that they are occurring in Mexico. We've been able to keep Hidalgo County safe."