Hidalgo ISD searching for election answers

Newly elected Hidalgo ISD school board members will have a to wait a bit longer to take their seats.

A mix up at the Hidalgo County elections office puts over 60 votes in question.

Hidalgo ISD Attorney Kevin O'Harlon he said while they're trying to get this fixed as soon as possible.

It could take some time to figure out what they're actually going to do.

O TMHarlon blames redistricting for the mistake.

He said no one did this on purpose.

However, the board will have to figure out what to do about it.

And until the ballots are canvassed and verified, nothing can happen.

He said despite knowing some of those votes aren't eligible the canvassing authority cannot exclude votes per election code.

Once the votes are verified then parties from either side can file paperwork to contest the election.

A visiting state district judge will be called in and it'll be up to the judge to figure out the winner.

"If the judge can figure that out then they can simply declare a winner. If they judge cannot figure that out then they will have to order a new election,"

O' Harlon said a person cannot go to each person and ask them who they voted for because that would violate their privacy.

So the only other option is take those votes and simply throw them out.

O'Harlon points out that you only get one chance to challenge an election, so this could open a bag of worms.

He said other candidates from the school board race could also jump in and ask for the same thing.

So far, no paperwork has been filed.

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