'High-end' marijuana gaining popularity in the Rio Grande Valley

Marijuana plant

San Juan Police Sergeant Rolando Garcia told Action 4 News that an ounce of hydroponic marijuana could go for as much as $300 dollars.

"Hydro is more potent. It's more concentrated than your normal, regular street marijuana, and cost a lot more than a regular bag of marijuana does."

Eric Villarreal, a McAllen youth coach, was arrested by Mercedes police and charged with possession of marijuana on Wednesday.

Police said it was a ~high-end TM strain.

"The hydroponic is something that's starting to become more favorable to marijuana users here, just from the effects, Garcia said. You pay a little more, don't have to use as much, and get the same effects." In February, San Juan police arrested one person after a foiled burglary attempt at a home on the 200 block of Bluebird. Inside, police found a marijuana grow lab, equipped with fertilizer, water, heat lamps, and six fully grown hydroponic marijuana plants.

"We haven't had a significant bust regarding it, but when we debrief subjects they always put 'dro' or what have you, and that usually indicates that they have someone who can sell them the hydroponic." While they are seeing more people using this type of marijuana, Garcia said most is not being grown in the Valley.

They believe the ~high-end TM marijuana is coming from Mexico.