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      High number of children in foster care in Hidalgo County

      Hidalgo County ranks in the top 5 counties in the state for the most children in foster care.

      Just last year 7,161 cases of child abuse were reported in the county, nearly 3,000 of those cases were confirmed.

      "People usually look the other way or they feel that it's not happening next door. It would never happen in the neighborhood I grew up in. But sometimes, at least in our experience, it's in every neighborhood," Nancy Torres said.

      Torres volunteers at CASA of Hidalgo County, an organization that speaks for children in the courts by promoting and supporting quality volunteer representation to provide each child a safe, permanent and nurturing home.

      "They will open up to you and they really appreciate everything you do for them because they know you are going to do it," Torres said.

      CASA director Diana Almaguer said the organization needs more volunteers.

      "There's a lot of children to service and there are a lot of children that need a voice for them while they are in the foster care system so they don TMt fall between the cracks," Almaguer said.

      Tomorrow night a candlelight vigil will be held outside the Hidalgo County Courthouse at 7 p.m.

      The vigil is part of a national movement to raise awareness about abused and neglected children.

      If you know of a child being abused you can call 1-800-252-5400.