High profile officers face federal corruption charges

Winter Texan Robby Wilkerson

Two Mission police officers and others are expected to face a judge at the Federal Courthouse in McAllen.

The officers, Jonathan Trevino and Alexis Espinoza are among those arrested who were apart of a narcotics task force.

Trevio is the son of Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino, while Espinoza is the son of the police chief for the city of Hidalgo.

Both of the officers have been suspended with pay.

Security was high Thursday morning as prisoners were unloaded at the courthouse.

The federal magistrate judge in McAllen had a lengthy docket on Thursday.

Still no word if Trevio in and Espinosa were among those presented.

Federal charges are expected to be filed against them.

Action 4 News got the chance to speak with members of the community about the breaking news. Winter Texan Robby Wilkerson said that the allegations against these officers are not reflective on everyone else.

"That's two police officers, said Wilkerson. There are a lot more than just two police officers in the city, and they're good people." Action 4 News also able to speak with other members in the community who believed if these allegations are indeed true, that the officers should remain behind bars.