High School Coach Remembers Victim from Fatal ATV Crash

An ATV accident claimed the lives of two young men.

Hidalgo County deputies responded to the accident in a sugar cane field just north of Weslaco's city limits Wednesday night.

21-year-old Steven Munoz and 13-year-old Francisco De Leon Junior were riding a yellow Yamaha Raptor ATV when they struck a cement pipe.

The incident took place just west of FM 1015 and north of Mile 12.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs office says it does not believe foul play was a factor and that it was just an unfortunate accident.

Both were killed, investigators say, when they tried to avoid a cement pipe off a dirt road.

"They tried to avoid the pipe and actually their bodies struck the pipe instead of the ATV. This is why the ATV was found 25 feet away from where the bodies were at," said Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino.

Sheriff deputies tell Action 4 News the two friends had been missing for more than an hour, until a man found his brother and his friend dead near a sugar cane field.

Sheriff Trevino said the crash appears to be an accident -- an unexpected accident that has taken many by surprise.

"You want to see them grow old [and] experience life to the fullest|when their lives are cut short it TMs hard; it TMs tough," said Munoz TMs former high school wrestling coach Matthew Rokovich.

Rokovich was Steven Munoz's wrestling coach when he was a student at Weslaco East High School in 2010.

"Just a great young man - a real blessing to have on the team," he said.

Rokovich adds that Munoz was not only a great athlete and student, but he also had a big heart.

"Always treated people very kind, he was a good person, he was good to his friends and stuff. He was a very likable young man...he will be missed," said Rokovich.

Although this incident appears to be an accident, Sheriff Trevino has reminded people to wear helmets, be aware of your surroundings, and to let family or friends know where you will be.

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