High school football fans line-up for "Bird Bowl" tickets

Feathers are sure to get ruffled this weekend. That TMs when the Harlingen High School Cardinals take on the Harlingen South Hawks in Bird Bowl 2013. The game, slated for Friday at Boggus Stadium, will feature one of the biggest and most vocal rivalries in the Valley.

"It's always a fun competition, you know? That's what it's about, the north and the south, said Nelda Gutierrez, a fan of the Harlingen South Hawks

Harlingen Cardinals fan Aaron Pena adds, We make it the best week of our lives every year at this time. Fans stood divided at the ticket booth as they waited for their shot at seats. The line wound around the Gordon Nix Administration Building at Harrison and 9th in Harlingen. Some fans arrived at dawn like Nelda Gutierrez, who says, My friend and I, we came around 6:30. Others, like Aaron Pena, stayed overnight.

"I've been here since 2:30 in the afternoon yesterday waiting for these tickets. It's all worth it," said Pena. And there's a lot more at stake than pride here. A perfect 9-0 record is on the line for Harlingen South.

"There's been a lot of controversy saying Harlingen South is good|because we lost one," Pena adds, when asked about the Cardinals 8-1 record. It's the closest matched the two have ever been in the standings. No matter what the outcome, the consensus remains, the spirit of Harlingen football will take flight for many years to come.

"It's just a passion that runs through the city. Everybody loves the football teams. Everybody has family members that play. We're just showing out love," Pena said.Tickets for the Harlingen Cardinals' side are sold out.LIVE AUDIO streaming will be available on

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