High school students having a tough time deciding on college

Seniors at Hanna High School said they TMve applied to universities like The University of Houston, University of Texas at Austin, Baylor University, The University of Texas Pan American and The University of Texas at Brownsville/Southmost College and The University of Houston.

Daniel Yarritu, a director of the Go Centers located at each high school that aims to help students with the college application process said that about 1,500 seniors in the school district that have already applied to a university.

Students that Action 4 spoke with said attending college is simply the next step, but they said the high cost of tuition has definitely affected their school of choice.

Sergio Infante said he TMs glad he can count on scholarships, grants, loans, and work study programs to help him pay for his education. If it weren TMt for these resources, he said, I might not have the opportunity to go to their school because of their high tuition rate and that'll put me in a struggle to pay for college."

For Leslie Contreras the choice was easy- she said she is staying in the Valley because of the lower tuition cost. Contreras hopes her grades will get her a full ride to college.

"UTB offers that if you're top ten (percent of your class) or top five (percent in your class),you get a full scholarship," Contreras said.

Contreras isn't the only one thinking twice about attending a local college due to high tuition.

Yarritu said the Go Center has seen a seven percent increase in BISD seniors applying to UTB.

"Cost of attendance at other schools outside Brownsville - you know it's expensive, Yarritu said. UTB tuition for a full-time student right now is about $2,500 in tuition and fees. At UT Austin it's about $5,000 to $6,000."

Even for some students like Sergio Ruvalcaba who don't have the financial restraints, the economy is still factoring into their career goals.

"My dream was to become a musician and I TMm not sure if I can do that and still live with a good financial standing, Ruvalcaba said. My dream or the bills - I have to pick."