Higher speed limits posted on Valley highways

You might have noticed traffic running a little faster than usual on Expressway 83 this week.

That's because the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has increased the speed limit.

New speed limit signs are beginning to pop up already.

According to TXDOT officials, the speed limit is going up by 5 mph from Palmview all the way to Brownsville.

Much of the Mid-Valley is seeing the limit go up to 70 mph.

From San Benito to Brownsville drivers will be able to go 70 without worrying about those red and blue flashing lights in their mirror.

This is all thanks to approval by the state legislature back in 2011.

On your next road trip out of the Valley on 77 North, you'll be able to get to San Antonio or where ever you're going faster.

TXDOT hopes to increase the limit on that stretch of highway to 75 miles per hour.

That's also the plan for 281, north of Edinburg.

According to TXDOT the faster speed limit is more in line with what people are driving in the Rio Grande Valley.

Crews were still working on installing the new signs Friday.

Officials advise drivers to obey the current signs for now, to avoid a ticket.