Hispanic Tea Party member: "Obama is evil, but immigrants are not."

A tea party member has spoken out strongly against President Obama

The immigration crisis in the valley has everybody talking.

A tea party member who is part of a church who has spoken out strongly against President Obama and his administration sounds off.

"Obama is evil, but the answer is not Obama the answer is citizens, people, families, churches."

Juan Guajardo is a local Republican, Hispanic Tea Party member, but considers himself more of a Christian Libertarian so when we asked about his view on the influx of immigrants flooding the valley, even we were surprised at his response to it.

"They're either here for work, to escape any kind of oppression or to get social services. If we didn't have social services and if we have the work that's already here, I say let them come and work."

That's right, Guajardo thinks the undocumented immigrant mothers and children who are making the trek from Central America and being set free once they are processed here in the US are doing no more harm than the government has created up to this point.

"I don't see how they are criminals. They are breaking laws that are unjust, ungodly laws."

The Hispanic Tea Party was created 3 years ago, Guajardo says, and has a core set of principles, but he says they don't have to agree on everybody else's opinions.

"I'm speaking as a Christian. We're not supposed to vex or oppress the alien that is at our gates."

As for the aid being given to the immigrants at makeshift shelters here in the valley like this church in McAllen, Guajardo says it's the right thing to do regardless of anyone's political views.

"We have a schizophrenic system where people look to the government for everything. And now these people want to come over here because the civil government will provide everything."

"Poor people are either oppressed or they're lazy and I don't think these people are lazy, they traveled hundreds of miles to get here."