Hit and run victim left brain dead; family seeking answers

The family of a man left brain dead in a hit and run accident is asking for justice.

51-year-old Ruben Saldana was struck by an unknown vehicle on Thursday night.

However, the investigation has been difficult for San Benito police.

"Right now we're asking the public with any information regarding the suspect's vehicle, said Det. Rogelio Banda. There were no eyewitnesses."

Police say neighbors were able to hear the crash from their homes, which happened around 9:00pm on the corner of Hidalgo Street and the frontage road.

"There was a person that lives here in the neighborhood that reported hearing a loud crash and seeing some smoke, but that's all we have, said Det. Banda. The vehicle fled the scene. Investigators tend to believe that it was a small framed vehicle."

The victim's family spoke with Action 4 News at Valley Baptist Medical Center, where Saldana is considered brain dead.

However, they did not want to be shown on camera.

They say the family had a strained relationship with the victim, and he had many enemies.

However, they say justice for this incident will give them peace to move forward.

"He's here, but he's not here no more, said the victim TMs relative. So there's really nothing that we can do, the best thing to do for the family would be just justice, to find out what happened."

San Benito police really can't do much other than hope that somebody comes forward with information in this case.

If you know anything, contact San Benito police at 956-361-3880.