Hit-and-run victim speaks about nearly losing his life

Gilbert Perez almost lost his life six weeks ago in a hit & run

Every step, no matter how painful it may be, is a blessing for Gilbert Perez who's finally out of the hospital.

"I felt relief," he said. "I thank God that I'm still here."

About six weeks ago, the 21-year-old nearly lost his life.

A vehicle hit him from behind while walking along the 1100 block of Southbound Expressway 77 in Brownsville.

The alleged driver, Victor Garcia, fled the scene. Police say his passenger and sister, Kacie Garcia, then switched drivers in an attempt to cover up who committed the crime.

Both are accused of driving drunk.

"It's unhuman-like and it just hurts," Gilbert said in his first interview since the accident. "I don't know how they could just leave me there."

Gilbert still has a long road to recovery.

His once crushed legs have a total of three rods in them.

He still can't work and medical bills continue to mount.

"When you think back to the night of the accident, do you ever blame yourself for what happened?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked him.

Gilbert admits he's the one who ultimately decided to get out of his friend's car and walk along the barrier of the expressway September 9th.

It was just a little argument," he said. "I guess my pride was too high or something and mostly what I do is just walk it off. And that's what I did."

But he doesn't call his bad decision an excuse for someone to run him down and leave him for dead after driving drunk.

"Look where I'm at and look where they're at," he explained.

He hopes justice prevails with jail time for them both.

"Yes," he said. "I would have died."

The suspects are out on bond.

Victor Garcia is charged with intoxication assault.

Kacie Garcia, who's a Cameron County jailer, is facing DWI and tampering with evidence charges.

Sheriff Omar Lucio said Kacie will remain on the job pending the results of the criminal case.

No trial date has been set yet for either suspect.

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