Hitman caught on tape stealing bullets for teacher's murder

Julio Cesar Perez

Authorities are reporting yet another twist in the investigation into the death of a Rio Hondo ISD teacher.

Court documents released on Sunday show that accused killer Daniel Flores Lopez was caught on surveillance tape stealing bullets for the murder of Sonia Perez.

The third grade teacher was killed in her van back on March 31st.

The documents show that Lopez went to a WalMart store in San Benito on the day of the murder and stole ammunition.

Lopez was not caught but investigators learned that surveillance cameras caught him stealing the bullets on tape.

Six people, including Perez TMs preacher husband Julio Cesar Perez, are now in custody for the case where authorities believe a life insurance policy is the motive.

New Details

Suspect Daniel Castaeda allegedly gave Lopez a ride to Mike TMs Supermarket in Rio Hondo where here Mark Daniel Garza gave Lopez a gun.

Castaeda then gave Lopez a ride to the Sonia Perez TMs school dropping him off a block away.

Lopez allegedly snuck into Perez TMs van and waiting for her in the back.

He shot her and called for a ride home.

Castaeda TMs father Alfredo Castaeda gave Lopez a ride home where Lopez told him he killed Sonia Perez and showed off her cell phone.

Lopez gave Alfredo Castaeda $200 dollars for the ride.


The court documents show that Julio Cesar Perez had been looking for someone to take care of a problem or get rid of someone in his way.

He was ultimately put in touch with Gabriel Apolinar Escalante, who called Garza.

Garza declined the job offer but referred Julio Cesar Perez and Escalante to Lopez.

The documents show that Lopez was ultimately supposed to get paid $3,000 dollars but that Alfredo Castaeda was supposed to get a $1,000 share.

Alfredo Castaeda told deputies that he couldn TMt believe Lopez went through with it.

Name Role Julio Cesar Perez Husband, Pastor, Ordered Hit Gabriel Apolinar Escalante Middleman Daniel Flores Lopez Hitman Alfredo Castaeda Co-Conspirator, Ride Home Daniel Castaeda Ride to WalMart, Murder Weapon, School Mark Daniel Garza Declined Hit Job, Provided Murder Weapon