Holiday gas prices holding steady

The fact that gas prices are holding steady at the pump at around $2.50 a gallon for regular unleaded is enough of a reason for some Valley motorists to give thanks this holiday week.

I'm real happy, said John Rios at an Exxon in Harlingen. This is the way to do it... Right around the holidays...So we can see more family... It's a good thing... All in all!"

Typically, it's not the case over the busiest travel time of the year. Some 3.3 million drivers are expected to hit the streets across Texas over the Thanksgiving holiday. That TMs up from last year.

You can actually go further if you need to go further... Out of state for some reason... It's cheaper," said Edgar Alcara when referring to what he was paying at the pump.

Gas prices across the Valley were right in line with the state average on Monday. Rios hopes they remain that way as he waits for family to drive in from upstate.

We have some family coming down Dallas and San Antonio who are going to be coming because of the fuel prices being steady," said Rios.

Steve Fray is a student at STC in Weslaco. He knows how every penny at the pump counts.

It's putting a little more money in. For some people, kids in general, it gives them a little more spending money.

Afterall, this is the season to be giving. Lisa Jimenez from Harlingen said she planned to splurge this Christmas since she won TMt be paying more for where she needs to travel.

"It TMll be a better Christmas," she said.

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