Holiday Travel- Not so bad after all?

Tis the season for holiday travel.

But if history serves as a guide, making your way to grandmother's house can entail long delays. First there's the threat of storms. And then there's the general mad dash.

But travelers at Brownsville South Padre International Airport say they know what to expect this time of year.

"Once we get going we are fine, said Jim Goewey. Before that, it's hectic.

To avoid headaches and ensure a smooth visit to the airport, the couple and other travelers took precautions

Oh we are here early, said Karen Goewey.

We were about an hour and a half early just to make sure that there's plenty of seats on the plane, said Nina Randall.

Then the inevitable happens, delayed flights.

You might ask yourself do you hop on another flight or do you sit tight?

Oh they'll get home, said Michael Jones spokesperson for Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport.

If an airline overbooks a flight and they leave a passenger behind, they have to get them to where they are going. And they have to pay for it, even if it includes an overnight stay meals or whatever it takes.

Even sending them on another airline says Jones.

So before heading to the airport, keep in mind that this time of year there are many people traveling over a short period of time.

The easiest thing to do is just print your boarding pass, bring it with you and a photo id, said Jones.

Come an hour before the flight so you have plenty of time to check your bag and maybe enjoy something to eat at a restaurant.

Contrary to popular belief, holiday travel can be merry.

You just have to flexible and enjoy the ride