Home buyers program giving away $20,000 in Combes

The city of Combes is looking for 15 people eager to build a home and they TMre even offering to give you a jump start with some money.

In March the city qualified to receive $312,000 from the state's Home Buyers Assistance Grant and now are searching for 15 eager home buyers.

If approved those 15 people can receive as much as $20,000 to go towards their new home.

There are few qualifications that include; having low to moderate income, a 1st time home buyer, a single parent or disabled.

They can be from anywhere in the valley, said Combes Mayor Silver Garcia. Anywhere else but the houses would have to be built in Combes.

Once the applications are received city administrators will review them along with the state and see if the person qualifies.

If they do it should take about 3 weeks to get a response.

If you have any questions on this assistance program please call the city of Combes at (956) 425-7131.