Home invasion victim shares tale or terror

Eight masked gunmen stormed into a home near the intersection of Sunflower and Monte Cristo north of Edinburg.

A woman was hit in the head and her husband was tied up.

"Call 911, call 911," Sandra Vazquez said.

Vazquez said that after receiving the call from her neighbor, pleading for her to call 9-1-1 she rushed over to the home.

That TMs when she found out that her neighbor was in total shock.

"She has a concussion in the head, they tied up the guy, they dragged him from outside to the inside they had guns," Sandra Vazquez said.

Sandra said that the woman was so traumatized, she fainted. Her instincts quickly kicked in and tried waking her up repeatedly.

"Wake up, wake up! Come on, you TMre lucky you TMre alive but she was knocked up," Sandra Vazquez said. According to Vazquez, the family had just moved into the home two days before, the eight men stole a black ford truck, television, and money.

That same house was broken into 2 1/2 weeks ago before the family moved in. The item that was stolen was an air condition unit.

Vazquez real estate investor commented on her move to the recently purchased home.

"She wanted to move in immediately she wanted to bring her horses she was very excited she loved the place and unfortunately she spends one night here and the next thing this happens in the morning in broad daylight," Olga Ramon said.

There is no word on the condition of the victims. They were both taken to the hospital. Sandra Vazquez said her doors will be locked tight tonight.