Homeowner uses ~extreme TM measures to protect home in shooting

The sounds of gunshots interrupted the howling of the wind early Sunday morning north of Alamo.

"I was coming to close the gate around 12 and I was going over there when I hear the gunshots," the owner told Action 4 News.

He asked to be called Jorge and to hide his identity to protect him and his family.

He claimed his home was the intended target of those gunshots.

"I imagined they shot while driving really fast, so they almost skidded off the other side over there, next to the neighbor TMs fence," he said, pointing across the street from his home.

Jorge blames a local gang for the early morning shooting.

He lives near Uresti and Mile 19 North and said it is not the first drive by on his home.

"Including this week, this is the second or third time," Jorge added.

As proof he pointed to his walls which are riddled with bullet holes, and so is his fence.

Jorge said he wants it to stop before someone innocent is hurt.

"It TMs not supposed to be this way, he said. If you're going to resolve something, don't do it that way, because you TMre going to get in trouble or shot."

Jorge added that he will do whatever it takes to protect his family.

"I shot them because they came back through the road and were trying to leave, he said. So I was trying to get the car or whatever, defend my house or whatever you wan to call it. I don't know if I hit them or what."

They are extreme measures he never thought he would use, but said his priority is keeping his family safe.

But police warn that firing back is not only dangerous, but also risky, even if protecting the home.

They said the homeowner could face charges.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office said the alleged gunmen took off in a dark colored car.

Anyone with information can call their Crime Stoppers line at (956) 668-TIPS (8477).