Homeowners battling HOA to beef up security at troubled subdivision

Behind the well manicured lawns and towering homes at the Los Lagos subdivision is a long, troubling history with crime.

"This is all the call outs we've had in this neighborhood. There's a lot of burglaries, burglaries of vehicles," resident Nyla Flatau said, holding a thick stack of papers showing a long list of burglaries and other crimes taking place at the subdivision.

Even Flatau TMs home has been targeted. In the five years she has lived at her home, there has been four attempted break-in TMs.

"It's terrifying, I mean, especially having a family, being a mother. It scares me," she said.

The fear prompted her husband to put up metal bars on their home windows and their doors for protection.

But the subdivision's homeowners association has given them an ultimatum, take them down, or pay heavy fines.

"They did mention well you need to have an alarm system, cameras, we have that, she added. But to me, that's reactive. I'm trying to be proactive."

The HOA said the bars go against the subdivision's bylaws and can lower property values.

Nonetheless, Flatau and her husband gathered more than 60 signatures from homeowners to change the rules. "You have to try to protect yourself and that's all we want," she said. Miguel Torres with the HOA said they are in the process of verifying the signatures.

Once that happens, if they have two thirds of homeowners in agreement, the HOA will amend the by-laws at their next meeting in October.