Honduran immigrant charged with attacking Border Patrol agent

File Photo

A Honduran man has been charged with attacking a Border Patrol agent as he was allegedly traveling with a group of illegal immigrants in Rio Grande City.

The incident happened Thursday around 2 a.m. near Los Olmos Arroyo.

Documents stated that the Border Patrol agent was conducting patrol on his bicycle in the area when he saw a group of suspected illegal immigrants.

As the agent approached and identified himself to the group, Arnold Cruz Rivera-Cardona fled on foot towards brush.

The agent then called for back-up as he went after Rivera-Cardona.

During this time, the agent fell as he attempted to detain the 19-year-old.

The Honduran immigrant reportedly swung his arms towards him as the agent got up.

During the attack, the agent was hit repeatedly in the face and chest as the Rivera-Cardona was trying to jump into a nearby stream.

The altercation continued as the agent began fighting back until Rivera-Cardona was detained.

According to documents, the agent did not know where he was hitting the 19-year-old due to little or no light conditions.

Rivera-Cardona is expected to be back in court June 4th at 9 a.m. with Magistrate Judge Peter Ormsby.

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