Honor Roll student orders beating on ex-boyfriend

It's a story right out of the movies.

Girl gets ex-boyfriend to beat up current boyfriend she claims has been hitting her and it's recorded and posted on Facebook.

"She solicited for him to get beaten up," said Mercedes Police Chief Olga Maldonado.

Linda Gonzales was a few days shy of starting a new school year at Mercedes Early College High School when she and ex-boyfriend 19-year-old Marco Pavon went to an apartment complex on Anacuitas Street to punish another ex-boyfriend she claims left bruises on her.

"I was angry so I went over there to take care of it," said Pavon.

The brutal beating that followed goes on for several minutes while Gonzalez watches on along with the person shooting the video on his cell phone.

Police say Pavon stabbed the victim during the fight but he's singing a different tune to Action 4 News.

"I didn't have a knife, my friend had a knife and gave it to me because he (victim) had one, but I just threw it to the side," said Pavon.

As for the honor roll student and band member in the middle of this twisted triangle.

"I have no comment," said Gonzalez.

But police say they have texts from Gonzalez to the victim prior to the beating in which she threatens him and promises he will get hurt. That and the evidence posted on social media were all they needed to charge Pavon with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and Gonzalez with criminal solicitation.

The victim's family tells Action 4 News Gonzalez got her bruises from someone else and only blamed it on the victim after he broke up with her.

Regardless of what led to her seeking vengeance, she and Pavon are paying the price.

"I regret it", said Pavon.

The victim was treated for stab wounds to his hand and shoulder. Gonzalez was given a $250,000 bond and Pavon was given a $500,000 bond.

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