Hoping to get additional income for Cameron County

The 8-liner businesses across the valley are booming.

Whether or not those profits can make their way to Cameron County is still undetermined.

Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos would like to add some of those profits to the area.

The number of gaming establishments are unknown according to Judge Cascos, but what they do know is the number of machines they have in Cameron County. For now that's the Judge Cascos main interest.

"If we have 8000 machines and we tax each one by 1000 dollars that TMs 8 million dollars," said Judge Carlos Cascos

Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos said they are looking for ways to regulate and tax the machines to benefit the county.

Judge Cascos is proposing to do apply a licensing fee on every machine that is out there operating.

"If they are there they have to pay a licensing fee and they have to pay x amount of dollars to do that," said Judge Carlos Cascos

Cascos said other counties are already doing this, it has proven to be beneficial to the economy.

They are hoping it could have the same impact in Cameron County.

That TMs revenue to the county that I believe is untapped and it TMs a way to do it without impacting the tax payer," said Judge Carlos Cascos

Cascos said that the money generated could be used for a number of projects including infrastructure and economic development.

Cascos said that with the border violence revenues have gone down.

This extra income would supplement the lost revenue.

Cascos said they don TMt want to raise taxes and this would be extra money that would be getting.