Hospital employees protest unionization

No union!

Those are words some hospital employees at Valley Regional and concerned citizens in Brownsville are saying.

Those against unionization say it's about power and money, but not everyone agrees.

Valley Regional Medical Center nurse of 16 years Adela Ramirez says, "We need to let everyone know that there's no need for a union."

Ramirez says she's happy with the way the hospital runs.

Ramirez tells Action 4 News, "We don't have any problems or issues."

She was one of dozens of hospital employees and community supporters who are in protest of what they're saying is an out of state union coming in and invading their hospital.

Hospital nurse Antonio Haffner tells Action 4 News , "We believe that we can manage by ourselves with what we need, we don't need outsiders to tell us what to do."

The hospital employees say they will continue to protest in order to have their voices heard."

Lisa Morowitz represents the National Nurses Organizing Committee and Union from California reaching out to nurses at Valley Regional.

Morowitz says despite the protest, the employees and the union she has spoken with have a different opinion.

Morowitz says, "They're excited about building their own organization, we trust they'll make the right decision on their own after they critically look at the facts."

So ultimately it will be up to the nurses at the hospital to decide if they would like to be a part of a union.

While we don't what the ultimate decision will be we do know one thing for sure, not everyone is on board.