Hospital escapee found after crime stopper tips

Ray Martinez // Cameron County Jail

A suspect who escaped from a local hospital, with the help of two other men, has been arrested.

Ray Martinez was arrested last month after authorities were called to a home on Angel Street in Primera.

They found Martinez laying on the ground highly intoxicated on drugs and alcohol with self-inflicted wounds, and he was transported to Harlingen Medical Center for treatment.

There, two men met up with him and allegedly helped him escape from police custody.

Martinez was previously arrested for shoplifting and cocaine back in April, and he was wanted for a probation violation in a marijuana case from Kleberg County.

The Primera Police Department received several calls to their crime stoppers line about Martinez TMs whereabouts.

With the help of the Harlingen Police Department, they were able to locate Martinez near Matz Street in Harlingen.

Martinez drove to a local Stripes store, where he was arrested and transported to the Cameron County Jail.

He was booked on counts of escaping from custody, resisting arrest and theft on Friday.

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