Hot Wheels? Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Texas

There is a new list out on the most stolen vehicles in Texas.

Pickups are among the hottest set of wheels for thieves right now, as one Valley woman recently found out the hard way, in the most unlikely of places.

"Before it was good. Everything was fine up until now. I mean we just come to church like a regular day."

While Ana Garcia and her husband were inside the Centro Familiar Cristiano Church in Mission back in July, they had no idea someone else was committing a sin, right outside the 'house of God.'

"You're at church I mean everyone is inside praising God and somebody comes and tells you they stole your truck," said Garcia.

Garcia was afraid to show her face on camera.

She's worried the thieves who stole her husbands recently purchased ford pickup from the church parking lot, might strike again.

"They use it for drugs, illegal persons or whatever," said Garcia.

Ana knows she is just one of the many victims of car thieves every year in the Rio Grande Valley.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau released an new list in August of the 10 most stolen vehicles in Texas for 2010.

Number one on the list: the 1999 Chevy pickup, followed by the 2004 Dodge Ram and the Ford F-Series pickups.

Adan Guzman is the manager of D-Tronics in Harlingen.

His store is seeing a rise in the demand of customers wanting their cars and trucks wired with alarms this year.

"Here in the Valley since the border is right across the street, there has been a rise. A lot of vehicles have been stolen and taken to Mexico and unable to be recovered."

Tracking devices can trace the route of stolen cars with smart phone apps now available.

For now Garcia is just hoping for some 'divine intervention' to get back her set of 'hot wheels.'

Still no luck

Ana never got her truck back.

A spokesperson for the Mission Police Department tells Action 4 News they have no leads in the case.

How you can take action

The NICB recommends common sense.

Many car thefts occur because the owner makes it easy for thieves.

Get a car alarm.

Install a kill switch to stop crooks from driving your car away.

Invest in a tracking device so you can help authorities get your vehicle back.

Complete list: most stolen vehicles in Texas

#1 1999 Chevy pickup

#2 2004 Dodge Ram pickup

#3 2006 Ford F250 pickup

#4 1997 Ford F150 pickup

#5 2000 Honda Civic

#6 1996 Honda Accord

#7 2006 Ford F350 pickup

#8 2004 Chevy Tahoe

#9 2002 Ford Explorer

#10 2007 Toyota Camry

Source: National Insurance Crime Bureau