Hotel busted with bed bugs, roaches at Chinese buffet

Bed bug found at Knights Inn, Edinburg

There's a lot of excitement at El Pato on 1626 North Raul Longoria in San Juan.

"This is the 9th sticker!" manager Ivan Cantu says with a big smile while holding the newest one in the air.

The restaurant has racked up a record-setting 9th top performer sticker in the city.

They date back to 2009.

The front door is full of them awarded by the Food Patrol for kitchen cleanliness.

"That's incredible! Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf said.

Yeah it is, Ivan said. It's hard work. It goes from the front staff to the back staff and we got to give credit to the kitchen people. We always try to keep it up to standards for our customers so they can return. They see the stickers and they take

pride coming in here."

But don't take the manager's word for it.

Just listen to what Luis Castillo who dines at El Pato has to say.

They say a lot about the place, he said. It TMs a sign of excellence. They know what they're doing. The place is clean."

Who isn't clean?

The speedy pack on 2275 North Expressway 77 in Brownsville, according to results from an inspection report.

35 demerits turn up on last week's inspection.

Photos taken by an inspector show food thrown into trash after it TMs discovered to be 50 degrees of the required hot hold mark.

Other violations include dirty equipment, improper hand washing and a cross-contamination of foods.

Crazy International Buffet is busted with roaches.

The restaurant on 400 West Nolana in McAllen gets inspected after a complaint is sent to the Food Patrol.

A mother says she found a roach in her son's noodles.

She took a picture of the alleged find.

Kitchen cops inspect the restaurant on June 24th.

The Food Patrol filed the complaint on behalf of the family.

Roaches aren TMt discovered near food, but a live roach is found in the storage area for dirty aprons as part of 3 demerits on the report.

Crazy International Buffet is ordered to seal any holes on the walls, floor and ceiling.

The Food Patrol is at the restaurant Wednesday afternoon to see if the corrections have been made.

Any comment on behalf of the restaurant? Ryan asked.

No, a manager said while shaking her head.

Knights Inn on 202 North 25th Avenue in Edinburg isn't keeping it clean.

But it TMs not the hotel TMs kitchen that TMs busted rather the cleanliness in one of their rooms with bed bugs.

An inspector took a photo of one during a July 7th check-up with 6 demerits following a public complaint.

The family who filed it also reached out to the Food Patrol.

They sent pictures of multiple beg bugs all over the mattress.

The hotel reportedly offered the family staying there another room.

The family says they left and are still waiting for a refund.

Knights inn is ordered to clean and sanitize the one room in question.

Repeated calls to the hotel to a number issued to the Food Patrol by Knights Inn corporate offices have gone unanswered.

You know what the Food Patrol says to that---Keep it clean!"

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Top Performers List

Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

McAllenCrazy International Buffet 612 W Nolana (3) *Live Roach*

BrownsvilleSpeedy Pack 2275 N Exp 77 (35) *Off Temp Food Thrown Away, Cross Contamination*

EdinburgKnights Inn 202 N 25th Ave (6) *Bed Bugs*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

PharrWhataburger 1410 S Cage

HarlingenLil Ritas 410 E TylerSubway 2210 N 499Subway 509 S Exp 83

DonnaSubway 512 Salinas BlvdMonte Carlo 1705 E Miller

SPIBoomerang Billy TMs 2612 Gulf Blvd

AlamoBurger King 446 E Frontage Rd

San JuanAnn TMs 221 W Bus 83Pollito Grilled Chicken 700 N I Rd

PalmviewWhataburger 2916 W Exp 83

ElsaChurch TMs 130 E Edinburg Ave

McAllenLogan TMs 2224 S 10thKumori 1424 E RidgeKoko TMs Uptown Caf 6100 N 10thWienerschnitzel 3620 Exp 83Olive Garden 222 Exp 83

Los FresnosFaith TMs Caf

BrownsvilleRico Rollo 1746 Central BlvdPizza Hut 1200 International BlvdSubway 764 Boca Chica Blvd