Hotly contested Governor's race

Texas Governor Rick Perry wants to stay in office, but Democratic challenger Bill White wants the job.

There's one thing both men agree on, the South Texas vote is key.

That's why Elena White spent her Tuesday evening campaign for her dad.

Elena White tells Action 4 News, "The Valley is crucial for this election and it's crucial the Valley gets a voice." Elena White was invited by the Hidalgo County Young Democrats for a mixer in McAllen.

The organization's President OJ Lozano says it's all about brining young people to the polls.

Lozano says, "Obama was able to mobilize that young vote and were hoping to create the drive and the interest for those people to come out to the polls once again.."

White just released an Ad entitled, prepare for the future.

White says Perry has failed to prepare the State for the future as Texas ranks 49th among all State's in the percentage of adults with a high school diploma and test scores lag.

Elena white says, "We need to insure that our students and young people myself when they graduate from high school can get jobs for the future."

Perry's camp tells Action 4 news, "It's unfortunate that bill white's single campaign strategy is to tear down Texas without offering one new idea to help strengthen our state's future.

Gov. Perry has worked hard to strengthen our state's education, signing legislation that has made our schools the most accountable in the nation and set standards that will ensure our students are prepared for the challenges of higher education and the workplace.

Meanwhile Perry and White haven't sat down for a public debate.

Democratic Lt. Governor Candidate Linda Chavez Thompson tells Action 4 News, "I'm totally surprised about why Rick Perry still is making excuses why he shouldn't debate Bill White, unless he's afraid of him."

Elena White says, "My dad's ready for a debate just as soon as his opponent is."

Perry Camp fired back, telling Action 4 News the Governor is ready and open to debate Bill White as soon as he releases his tax returns for his years in public service.