House Feud: You don TMt pay, you can TMt stay

Roy Garcia

Two families are feuding over a home in Donna.

Roy Garcia currently lives in the home located off Church Street and tells Action 4 he has proof it TMs his.

I got the receipts; I got everything, Roy Garcia said.

But Raul Aguilar and his wife couldn TMt disagree more.

They say he didn TMt make his payments and refuses to vacate their home.

We want to get this straightened out, Aguilar said. If he wants the house, pay up. If he can TMt pay up, move out.

Aguilar and his wife built the home in 1988.

They decided to sell it a few years ago.

Both parties agreed on a $5,000 down payment with monthly payments of $500.

Things got ugly after Garcia missed a few payments in 2011.

It TMs been two years since you didn TMt pay us, Aguilar said.

Yeah, but you guys didn TMt come for the payments no more, Garcia said.

Since then, the couple has hired a lawyer and taken the dispute to court.

Even though an eviction notice has been issued to Garcia, he said he has no plans of leaving.

This is my house, I TMm not going to lose my house that I TMm buying for my kids, Garcia said.

After two years of getting the run around, Aguilar says he is praying for someone to help him take back what is his.

I need to do something with that house, he said. I need my house back.

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