Houston man charged in Spring Break rape on South Padre Island

James Edward Houston

A Houston man is behind bars after being accused for raping a woman during Spring Break on South Padre Island.

South Padre Island police arrested 27-year-old James Edward Houston on a sexual assault charge late last week.

A police report released on Tuesday shows that it all happened on the 200 block of West Palm Street early Thursday morning.

The report shows that the call had initially been reported as a disturbance.

Houston remains in custody at the Cameron County Jail under a $15,000 dollar bond.

Records released on Tuesday show that South Padre Island police made under 300 arrests during Spring Break.

The charges ranged from public intoxication and disorderly conduct to aggravated assault and the case:

Public Intoxication 195 Disorderly Conduct 19 DWI 12 Assault 12 Theft 10 Criminal Mischief 8 Controlled Substance 6 Marijuana 5 Criminal Trespass 5 Evading Arrest 3 Aggravated Assault 1 Intoxication Assault 1 Sexual Assault 1